This section will document the data sources, processes, and methodologies that created each page in the coloring book. The underlying code that generates each page is also available to modify, extend, and replicate.

Table of contents

  1. Global carbon emissions from fossil fuels
    Color how global carbon emissions have changed in the last two centuries
  2. Global deforestation
    See if you can color faster than global forests have been destroyed in the past 25 years
  3. Air pollution in Beijing
    Color a year of air pollution in Beijing and see how it affects the health of the local population
  4. Where carbon emissions are the greatest
    Color where carbon emissions from fossil fuels are the greatest in the United States
  5. The hottest months on record
    Color the hottest of each month on record for the past 137 years
  6. What drives global warming?
    Color what drives the climate warmer or cooler
  7. Warming and rising seas
    Color the relationship between warming oceans and sea level rise in the past 20 years
  8. Coral bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef
    Color the effects of mass coral bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef in 2016
  9. Shrinking Arctic sea ice
    Color how much Arctic sea ice was lost in the past 20 years
  10. Rising tides and coastal flooding
    Color the relationship between sea level rise and coastal flooding on the Atlantic Coast
  11. Typhoons and the Philippines
    Color the deadliest typhoons in the Philippines over the past 70 years to see how storms are increasing in intensity
  12. Sea level scenarios
    Color what Manhattan would look like in different scenarios of global warming and sea level rise
  13. Equivalence
    Color how many acres of forest, garbage trucks of waste recycled, or wind turbines can offset car emissions
  14. Scientific consensus
    Color the difference between the consensus among climate scientists and the public perception of man-made climate change
  15. Renewable energy potential
    Color the difference between the United States’ energy consumed, energy produced by renewable energy, and potential energy produced by renewable energy
  16. Carbon emissions by transport type
    Color the difference in carbon emissions per passenger by transport type such as car, bus, train, and plane
  17. Light bulb census
    Color how many incandescent, compact fluorescent, and LED lights you have in your home and calculate how much you might save if you switch everything to LED lights