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Where carbon emissions are the greatest

Color where carbon emissions from fossil fuels are the greatest in the United States

Where carbon emissions are the greatest

Data sources

CarbonTracker CT2016. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Earth System Research Laboratory, Global Monitoring Division.

The file (NetCDF format) was taken from the monthly data files, accessed December 2016. This file contains:

How the data was used


Python scripts is available in the code repository to generate or extend this activity. First you need to convert the .nc files to .csv files. You only need to do this if you downloaded a new .nc file. This has already been done for the 2015 file.


Then you can then run this script to generate a map in .svg format:


By default, it will display the contiguous United States map with labels on each 1x1 degree area based on fossil fuel CO2 emissions. But you can pass in any .geojson file and it will generate a map using just the coordinates in that file. For example, you can generate a map of China like this:

python -geo data/CHN.geo.json